February 27, 2024
Mobile phone for the first time shows panic function that records video and calls of contacts |  cell phone

Mobile phone for the first time shows panic function that records video and calls of contacts | cell phone

cell phone Google Pixel It has gained a safety feature that consists of immediately starting video recording when it detects an emergency. The smartphone shares the information with the contacts indicated by the user, in order to facilitate the request for assistance.

The feature is part of the original personal security tool. Playback starts after the user presses the power button five times in a row. In the settings part of the application, the user can choose which function he prefers to start automatically.

Google Pixel 6 is not expected to be officially sold in Brazil – Photo: Divulgação / Google

In addition to the silently starting video recording, there is the possibility to initiate a voice call with the local emergency service or share data such as battery status and real-time location with your favorite contacts.

The feature is designed to be used in situations where the user has an accident, is unable to move normally, or is being held hostage. Even before this update, the software was able to detect a car accident on its own and issue alerts about danger in the vicinity.

According to the site XDA DevelopersThe program can record videos of up to 45 minutes in length, with compression equivalent to 10 megabytes per minute. Then it sends the recording to the cloud, under the account google browser It is configured on the device. Photos are stored for seven days and this content is automatically shared with emergency contacts.

Google Pixel Android emergency setup screens – Photo: Playback / XDA Developers

If you prefer, the user can also have more control over the situation, as the “five emergency loops” can be configured to open a screen with buttons that activate the above features. The smartphone must be connected to the Internet.

NS Google Pixel 6 is the latest The launch of the line, which, like its predecessors, should not be launched in Brazil. The device has a screen size of 6.4 inches with FHD + resolution and can go up to 6.7 inches in the Pro version.

with information from Android salad NS XDA Developers

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