June 25, 2024

Motorola may outperform Xiaomi to launch its first 200MP cell phone | cell phone

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Motorola may outperform Xiaomi to launch its first 200MP cell phone |  cell phone

a Motorola must be The first mobile phone manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a 200-megapixel camera. Rumors initially indicated the possibility of xiaomi Bring this technology to your next high-end device. However, the much-anticipated Motorola Edge 30 Ultra could be getting into an ultra-precise sensor.

According to a social media post by a well-known technology leaker Ice world Motorola will release a 200MP cell phone In the first half of 2022. On the other hand, Xiaomi will adopt the camera in some of its devices in the second part of the year, while Samsung It will only bring technology to their smartphones in 2023.

Motorola Edge 30 should be the next heir to the top of the line Edge 20 (photo) – Image: Publicity/Motorola

Despite citing the fact that only the 200MP camera was brought in in 2023, Samsung was the first manufacturer to officially announce the sensor Very high precision. According to the Korean brand, ISOCELL HP1 allows recording videos in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second (frames per second) or in 4K resolution at 120 frames per second. In addition, the camera should present images in formats between 12.5 and 200 megapixels, numbers that change based on the ambient light.

Should a 200MP sensor really come on Motorola’s next best-in-the-line phone, the US brand It will have features that make it contrast with the most desirable smartphones in the market, How do iPhone 13 Pro NS 13 Pro Max, for example. This is because, according to rumors also, Edge 30 Ultra could bring the unprecedented Snapdragon 898 processorPlus, a 60MP selfie camera and refresh rate screen 144 Hz.

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro currently has a 108MP binoculars lens – Photo: Publicity / Motorola

However, it is indicated that this information is just rumors, and so far, none of this data has been confirmed by the American manufacturer. Currently, the most powerful Motorola smartphone available in Brazil is the Edge 20 Pro إصدار For sale at a price of 4999 BRL on Amazon. The phone features the Snapdragon 870 processor, which is an earlier version of the much-anticipated Snapdragon 898, and it is not yet known if the new model will replace the Edge 20 Pro or if it will coexist.

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