June 4, 2023

Musk created X.AI, an artificial intelligence company that should rival the owner of ChatGPT| technology

Musk created X.AI, an artificial intelligence company that will compete with OpenAI. Photo: Reuters

Billionaire Elon Musk has created an artificial intelligence company called X.AI, which should compete with OpenAI, the owner of the ChatGPT bot, which is programmed to answer various types of questions.

At the moment, Musk is the sole director of the company, while Jared Birchall, a former Morgan Stanley banker who manages the billionaire’s fortune, is the secretary.

At the time, the document said that in recent months, many companies had released artificial intelligence systems that “no one — not even their creators — can reliably understand, predict, or control.”

In addition, there is not enough planning for the changes that technology will bring about.

Despite the risks indicated by the letter, the competition between companies on artificial intelligence technologies has grown in recent months, especially after the launch of ChatGPT, at the end of November 2022.

Musk founded OpenAI in 2015, but left the company in 2018.

He has since criticized the company, including in a tweet last December in which he claimed that AI is being trained to be “awake,” a term that means “awake” and is used to define the American left concerned about social injustice.

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