June 18, 2024

NASA is looking for volunteers to spend a year on Mars

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NASA is looking for volunteers to spend a year on Mars

It seems that the time to eliminate the urge to take a vacation from the earth is coming. Jokes aside, NASA is looking for volunteers to spend a season on “Mars.” Those chosen will know for a year what life would be like on the Red Planet.

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In fact, it’s not exactly an off-planet mission. Unfortunately for some, this moment is still a long way off. The mission is to stay for a year in some kind of Mars simulation.

American company Icon Technology will build an environment similar to that of Mars. The replica will be located at the Johnson Space Center near Houston, Texas.

The area of ​​”Mars Dune Alpha” is 160 square meters. NASA will reward volunteers for some kind of simulated exploration. The mission will be characterized by limited contacts with the Earth, resource constraints and potential technological failures.

Participants will receive an astronaut diet

The food will be the same as what the astronauts eat. It is not yet known if the scenario will have windows, but it will be possible to grow some plants. The idea is to create three such experiments, the first in 2022.

Based on experience, the suggestion is to understand how humans behave in such situations. Scientists want to study how to live on Martian soil in a way that is close to reality.

To apply for the trial, you must be a permanent resident of the United States. In addition, you must also be between 30 and 35 years old and hold a master’s degree. The graduate degree must be in Mathematics, Engineering, Biology, Physics or Computing.

Aircraft experience required

Participants will have to demonstrate two years of experience or 1,000 hours of flying a jet aircraft. All will undergo the physical assessment of the astronauts for the long-term missions.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield commented on the experiment in a report on Phys. For him, the initiative to search for people with astronaut profiles is a great idea. Previous experiments did not yield good results, such as the Mars 500 (Russia).

He also says that spending an entire year away from everyday life is a positive. Imagine how much Netflix you can watch […]. If you bring an instrument, you can go into the experience without knowing anything and come out as a musician who is able to perform in concert, if you want to, Hadfield joked.

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