June 14, 2024

NASA releases a new 3D image of the dunes of Mars

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dunas de Marte

catheter MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) in orbit Mars Explore the red planet with amazing camera photos highrise (HD Imaging Experience) since 2006. And now, NASA has released a stunning 3D image of dust movement in sand dunes on Marsthat were monitored by the probe.

Mars dunes
A 3D image of the dunes on Mars (Image: clone / Tweet embed Across Twitter)

3D image of the dunes of Mars

The profile is already known for its wonderful photos of the red planet. The post in question doesn’t go into much detail about the photo, except that it was taken in the area. Indigo PatiraWhere there are sand dunes.

HiRISE 3D: The sand dunes of Nili Patera

Now, who doesn’t love the hologram of sand dunes? Pay attention to the sand “thread” on the right side of the image. It’s interesting how this could have formed!

NASA/JPL-Caltech/or Arizona
#planet mars

It is important to note that, as with other images on the pages (generally 3D), it is necessary to use anaglyph glasses to notice the effect – those glasses that have become a fever in movie theaters with a blue and red lens.

Where are the dunes

The sand dunes are located in Nili Patera, an area formed in part by a collapsing volcano Syrtis flagship Known for its unique lava flows that form basalt and dacite, a type of igneous rock that is very rare on the planet.

NASA says the Nili Patera area has sand dunes Barchan, crescent-shaped dunes caused by the continuous action of winds that blow in one direction. The action of these winds causes sand to accumulate in small mounds that grow into sand dunes.

In addition, with the movement of the wind, sand grains form small wavy channels on the “slope” of the dunes and when other grains of sand reach the top of these dunes, they descend on smaller slopes, where there are no channels.

All this movement makes the dunes gradually change their position and shape over time, which makes them extremely important study it Currently.

in profile HiRES You can find many other images taken from the surface of Mars, most of them are in 3D.

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