June 25, 2024

NASA takes a picture of Saturn with a spacecraft on the Moon; look here

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Crédito: Divulgação / Nasa
Credit: Disclosure / NASA

The spacecraft, which is located 20 and 165 kilometers from the lunar surface, is intended to document natural satellite soils (Credit: Disclosure/NASA)

In orbit around the Moon for 12 years, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft has been able to image Saturn, one of the giants of the solar system. The purpose of the spacecraft, which is located 20 and 165 kilometers from the lunar surface, is to document the floor of the natural satellite.

According to a statement from the US agency, the image was taken when the spacecraft was at an altitude of 90 kilometers above a location known as “Lacus Ferris” (Spring Lake), using a camera called the narrow-angle camera.

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NASA engineers had to take a step known as a “sweep space” to get an image of Saturn. Point the camera at one side of the planet and aim at the other.

Since Saturn is darker than our moon or Jupiter, none of its moons is visible in the image. However, it is possible to see the main rings, which are between 10 and 100 million years old, are 10 meters thick and consist almost entirely of ice.

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