June 29, 2022
Natal shows his strength and debuts by defeating Goiás in the Men's Superliga |  volleyball

Natal shows his strength and debuts by defeating Goiás in the Men’s Superliga | volleyball

The only representative of the Northeast region among the countries 12 participating teamsChristmas turned out very well in the 2021/2022 edition of the men’s Superliga de volleyball. The two-time current champion, now with a new home, won Sunday night over rookie also Goiás in three sets to 0, with parts 25/14, 25/19 and 25/21. The match was held at the Nélio Dias Arena, in the state capital.

Pointer Matheus Krauchuk has been voted as the best player in the game.

Natal wins Goias in her Superliga Masculina debut – Photo: Emmily Virgílio / Inter TV Cabugi

In the second round, Goias seeks to recover against Blumenau. The match will take place next Saturday, at five in the evening, in the Sebastiao Cruz Arena, Blumenau. Natal also plays away against Brasilia, on Sunday, at 9:30 pm, at Cisse Taguatinga.

Before that, Natal decided against Cruzeiro for the 2021 Super Cup. The match will take place on Tuesday, 7:30 pm, in Varzia Grande, Mato Grosso.

The confrontation started off balanced, point by point played. Goiás, the first Goiás team to compete in the Superliga elite, came to be ahead at 9-8, but the hosts quickly dominated the score, with two aces from American Patrick Gazman. The block also worked with the seasoned Riyad to unlock an advantage. Natal also took advantage of Cuban Eliane’s serve streak to close the absolute set with 25 to 14.

Argentine Carlos Webber’s side maintained control of the match in the second set, also taking advantage of Goias’ mistakes.

Cuban Eliane started the third set at a rate of one thousand per hour. The second person between setter Murilo Radke and pointer Fábio also worked very well. Natal always had an edge in their hands, while Goias celebrated “small” accomplishments, as in the well-placed blocks of Eric and Finney. Mateusz Krauchuk caught attention with a serve and Natal’s team won by 25 to 15, on Eric’s foul.