June 18, 2024

Netflix begins testing its gaming service in Poland

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Netflix begins testing its gaming service in Poland

Netflix has started testing its gaming system in Poland. Currently, two platform-owned games can be played there: Stranger Things 1984 NS Stranger Things 3. The test started on Android smartphones, so Poles can download these titles for free on their mobile phones.

In an official tweet, Netflix notes that the service is in the testing phase, in its “very early days,” and also says it still has a lot of work to do in the coming months.

In a later post, in response to the testing revelations, Netflix states that its gaming service will not display ads or in-app purchases. He says the games will be included in his Netflix subscription – so expect the monthly fee to not increase until you can support this feature as well.

Given its nature and resources, Netflix is ​​expected to allow streaming of games on mobile devices and smart TVs, allowing you to play much heavier games on any platform – as long as your Internet can handle it. But it appears that for this first test, the system only verifies that you have a Netflix subscription and allows you to download these two paid mobile games from the Play Store at no additional cost.

The platform concludes with a promise of more news as it “explores how it will be games on netflix“.

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