September 26, 2023

New Policy: Amazon Raises Free Shipping Minimum to $35 for Some Users

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is reportedly testing a potential increase in the minimum order amount for non-Prime subscribers to qualify for free shipping. Since 2017, the minimum order amount for free shipping has been set at $25, but in the past, it has been increased to $35 in 2013 and $49 in 2016 before being lowered again.

This move by Amazon is seen as a strategic tactic to encourage more people to sign up for their Prime membership. The Prime membership, which costs $139 per year, offers a range of benefits including free two-day shipping and the elimination of the need to meet a minimum order amount.

Currently, the increase in minimum order amount has not been rolled out to all non-Prime accounts. Some accounts still retain the $25 minimum order amount, while others have already been subjected to the increase and now have a minimum order amount of $35. To check which minimum order amount applies to them, non-Prime account holders can refer to the sidebar status displayed near an item’s price.

It is important to note that Prime subscribers who qualify for same-day shipments continue to have a minimum order price of $25, unaffected by the potential increase.

This move by Amazon reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to incentivize customers to subscribe to Prime, which offers a range of benefits beyond free shipping, such as access to streaming services and exclusive deals during events like Prime Day.

While the potential increase in the minimum order amount may be seen as a deterrent for non-Prime subscribers, it is worth considering the convenience and benefits that come with a Prime membership. The cost of the subscription could be outweighed by the savings on shipping fees and access to additional services.

As of now, Amazon has not released any official statement regarding the potential increase in the minimum order amount. It remains to be seen whether this test will be implemented on a larger scale or if it will be rejected based on customer response.

For more information on the minimum order amount and updates on Amazon’s shipping policies, customers are advised to visit the official Amazon website or contact customer support.