February 28, 2024
Imagem de: Novo Silent Hill está em produção pela Kojima Productions e Sony [rumor]

New Silent Hill is produced by Kojima Productions and Sony [rumor]

Anyone who’s been following the game’s news since last year has surely come across at one time or another a rumor that Sony would invest in bringing it back. the silent Hill In partnership with Konami. Despite being already popular (and unfulfilled), Gematsu has brought an exciting update, serving as a trusted source for the topic.

According to the portal (one of the biggest Eastern gaming news), an anonymous source reported to the site that, in fact, There is a new game the silent Hill In development by Kojima Productions with investment from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The return of the rumors comes at an opportune time, with multiple portals yesterday (among them VGC and Eurogamer) reporting that Konami intends to bring it back Silent Hill, Castlevania NS hard lime metal (which will already have Remake of the third game in the oven). With all sources revealing so far that Konami is working with external partners to get back into the AAA game market, the rumors may be entirely true.

Is Konami really coming back?

It is not new that even without the rumors, there is a lot of information that increases the likelihood of Konami returning to the market. In 2021, the company revealed that it will not be at E3, but “has ambitious plans for the future.”

At another point, Akira Yamaoka, one of the lead songwriters on the Silent Hill series, gave a teaser in February revealing that he was working on a new project and that he was “the one you’ve been waiting for.” The information was revealed in a podcast, which had to be removed on air at the behest of some companies – which was never revealed.

Although a potential new project involves Kojima Productions, according to Gematsu, nothing has been revealed if this will be the return of Silent Hills, still from the Konami era in 2014, or whether it will be a new game made from scratch.

It is indicated that all this information is hearsay and should not be taken as official data. So, can we believe the rumor? Do you think it could be true? Leave your comment below!