July 14, 2024

New videos and photos exacerbate the scandal of the secret Argentine president’s party | Globalism

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Argentina president apologizes for secret party;  The opposition demands accountability |  Globalism
Argentina president apologizes for secret party;  The opposition demands accountability |  Globalism

Three short videos of the first lady’s secret birthday party, Fabiola Yanez, With President Alberto FernandezIn the past hours, it was revealed by the Argentine government itself as a damage control strategy and quickly exhausted the topic.

Political analyst Jorge Giacobbi assesses: “The most likely thing is that the government has considered two options: either allow the president’s image to erode upon retreat, or detonate the erosion all at once.”

“They chose to speed up the matter now and broadcast the videos before they fall into the hands of the opposition,” he added.

The rush to exhaust the topic is explained by the September 12 primary, when Argentines will go to the polls to elect candidates for the November 14 legislative elections. Argentina’s primaries are usually a first round.

Portrait of Alberto Fernandez, Argentina, August 6, 2021 – Photo: Gabriel Boyes/Reuters

The videos are parts of a party on July 14, 2020, the first lady’s birthday, in which a decree was drawn up and signed by the president himself, a criminal attorney, by which social isolation was imposed, and the circulation of people whose businesses it operates is prohibited. They were not necessary and prohibited any social gathering.

In the videos, none of the guests wear masks or maintain a social distance. At a certain point, the boss himself could be heard coughing.

The pictures show that it was a dinner at the official residence with wine, birthday cake and champagne, although official communications at the time indicated that “the first lady’s birthday, in light of the full spread of the epidemic, will be by” zoom “and with protective masks “.

The videos appear to have been carefully edited, with cuts in moments where the photos refer to kisses and hugs between the birthday girl and the guests.

In another now-revealed episode, the president also appears at the official residence at a gala in December last year with more than 50 guests, all deputies from his coalition.

On Thursday (19) the opposition will demand an investigation because several lawmakers who appear in the party are alleged to be an at-risk group or in close contact with those infected so as not to participate, a day earlier, in a session in the House of Representatives.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm Management & Fit, 76.1% of those interviewed consider the secret party ring at the official residence a “serious or very serious condition.” Additionally, 60.2% think the episode is worth the consequences.

The judge launches an investigation to determine the responsibilities for the violation of social isolation by the presidential couple and their guests.

Articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, which Alberto Fernandez alluded to in each new announcement to renew imprisonment, prescribe prison sentences from six months to two years for anyone who violates these measures.

political consequences

The opposition has filed a motion for dismissal accusing Alberto Fernandez of poor performance and potential crimes in the exercise of his duties. Chances of an impeachment proceeding are slim because the opposition does not have the necessary two-thirds of the votes in both the House and Senate.

“If some people think I’m going to make a mistake I made, they’ll make me stronger,” the president yelled this week after seeking impeachment.

The political analyst believes that “the political system is likely to protect the president while the judicial system postpones any identification or finds a way to minimize consequences. The only thing that will or will not really punish the president’s behavior is public opinion through voting.” Jorge Giacobbi.

Chancellor D’Alessio IROL / Berensztein discovered that 24% of those who will vote for government in the next legislative elections are now considering voting in the opposition.

Since the first reports of a secret party emerged, the government changed its rhetoric as evidence emerged. First, it denied the existence of any secret parties. When the first picture came out, they claimed it was a montage. When the second photo appeared, President Alberto Fernandez admitted the incident and classified it as a “mistake” and a “slip”.

He only said when the country was waiting for an apology: “I’m sorry for what happened. It won’t happen again.”

According to a survey conducted by the consultancy Synopsys, 20.3% of respondents consider it a “mistake”, while 71.7% see it as immorality and crime.

Argentina had the longest and most stringent quarantine in the world for 233 days in 2020, but it did not prevent the infection of 5.106 million people and the death of 109,652 of them.

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