June 23, 2024

New withdrawal up to R$1,302 next week: find out if you will receive

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New withdrawal up to R$1,302 next week: find out if you will receive

new batch of PIS/PASEP Salary Bonus They will be released in a few days to millions of workers. On March 15, the benefit of up to 1 minimum wage will be available to Brazilians born in March and April, as well as to those who have finally registered 1.

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The calendar started in February and continues through July with new releases, which occur according to the month of birth or the last digit of a citizen’s registration in Pasib. The deadline for withdrawing funds ends on December 28th for all groups.

The Social Integration Program (PIS) includes initiative staff and the Heritage Training Program for Civil Servants (PASEP) serves public servants. The allowance is paid by Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, in that order.

In 2023, about 23.6 million workers who formally worked in 2021 will receive the payments, with a total investment of R$24.4 billion.

What are the rules?

Anyone who meets all the requirements below can withdraw the PIS/Pasep allowance in 2023:

  1. have worked on a formal contract for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in 2021;
  2. have an average monthly salary amounting to a minimum wage for that year;
  3. obtain the correct data in e-Social or RAIS sent by the employer;
  4. Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

As for the value of the benefit, it all depends on length of service in the year considered for calculation, in this case, 2021. For each month, the worker will receive 1/12 of the current minimum wage (R$108.50), see table:

  • Work for 1 month – R$ 108.50;
  • 2 months of work – R$ 217;
  • 3 months of work – R$ 325.50;
  • 4 months of work – R$434;
  • 5 months of work – R$ 542.50;
  • work for 6 months – R$ 651;
  • 7 months of work – R$759.50;
  • work for 8 months – R$ 868;
  • 9 working months – R$976.50;
  • work for 10 months – R$ 1085;
  • 11 working months – R$ 1,193.50;
  • Worked for 12 months – R$1,302.

PIS/PASEP calendar

Find out the dates for payment of allowances:

Employees of private companies:

  • Born January-February: received on 02/15/2023;
  • Born in March and April: received on 03/15/2023;
  • Born May-June: received on 04/17/2023;
  • Born in July and August: received on 05/15/2023;
  • Born in September and October: received on 06/15/2023;
  • Born in November and December: received on 07/17/2023.

public service employees:

  • Final Registration 0: received on 02/15/2023;
  • Final Enrollment 1: received on 03/15/2023;
  • Final Registration 2 and 3: received on 04/17/2023;
  • Final Registration 4 and 5: received on 05/15/2023;
  • Final Registration 6 and 7: received on 06/15/2023;
  • Final Registration 8 and 9: Received on 07/17/2023.

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