February 6, 2023

News about FGTS benefits workers who earn up to R$2,400

Starting this year, it will be easier for low-income families to realize their dream of owning a home. announced by the government, Future FGTS It will allow formal workers to use the amounts not yet deposited to increase their ability to repay in housing loans

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The new rules will be regulated in January by Caixa Econômica Federal, with the start of operations scheduled for April. Check out how it will work.

Buy real estate with FGTS

The use of Stopover Compensation Fund (FGTS) in the acquisition of real estate is not new in the country, but now it will have a new way. In addition to the balance already accumulated on the linked accounts, the citizen will be able to use future amounts as a kind of payroll.

In this way, you will be able to increase the value of your home financing portion of the program My home, my life, now known as Casa Verde Amarilla. It is estimated that around 10.9 million households will benefit from the change.

The target audience for the measurement

To use the future FGTS when buying a home, a citizen will have to work under the CLT system, that is, under an official contract. You will also need to have a monthly income of up to R$2,400, which is the limit set in order to take advantage of Group 1 benefits of the programme.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Regional Development, a family with an income of R$2,000 per month can buy a property with a premium of R$450.

In subsequent phases, the method may be expanded to other income streams and acquisitions outside of the Minha Casa Program, Minha Vida.

Risks in the event of resignation

The problem with “relying on eggs not yet laid by hens” is that the future FGTS forbids amounts that will still be deposited by employers. In the event of dismissal without good cause, the worker is prevented from withdrawing the retained resources and still has to pay the debts.

If you fail to pay the installments, the bank will be able to take, in addition to the already committed FGTS, the property itself to guarantee payment of the debt.