April 13, 2024
newspaper |  Unimed Noroeste invests in expanding services

newspaper | Unimed Noroeste invests in expanding services

Among the projects are the specialized clinic, laboratories and hospital expansion. The cooperative currently has more than 280 collaborating physicians, 530 employees, its own hospital and 12 accredited

Branded Northwest Unimed
Unimed is committed to a plan to expand and expand services and improve the quality of care. (Unimed/Disclosure)

Posted Dec 19, 2022 11:31 am

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With nearly 30 years of experience in the medical field, Unimed Noroeste Capixaba has a history of constantly searching for excellence in the services provided, reinforcing one of the institution’s greatest commitments: caring for people.

The cooperative is a regional reference in health, structure, modern equipment, operations and problem-solving ability. Today it has more than 280 collaborating physicians, 530 employees, its own hospital and 12 accredited hospitals, as well as dozens of clinics and laboratories providing the best to more than 54,000 clients.

All work aims to improve the assistance provided to the public, believing that ensuring quality and safe care also ensures recognition of the work provided.

Branded Northwest Unimed
Welderson Specimili: “Every patient compliment and every verified review is proof to us that we are achieving positive outcomes and with high standards of quality and safety.” (Unimed/Disclosure)

“Every compliment a patient receives and every audit verified is proof to us that we are delivering positive results with a high level of quality and safety. The Collatina public is part of Unimed’s history and we take care of what is best in town: the people of Collatina,” highlights Dr. Welderson Luiz Specimili Rodrigues, CEO of the cooperative.

This year, Unimed has started the process of expanding and diversifying its own services. Unimed Noroeste Hospital has opened its own structure for imaging services, providing more flexibility and decision-making in the service.

In the city of São Gabriel da Palaha, a specialized clinic is under construction and is expected to open later this year. São Gabriel suffers from a significant lack of health services. Our clinic will provide consultations with specialized doctors who do not work in the city, which prevents the beneficiary from traveling to other municipalities, ”explains Spaceimelli.

Branded Northwest Unimed
Unimed is the only hospital in the region that has been re-qualified by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) with full accreditation level 2. (Unimed/Disclosure)

In addition, it will invest in structuring its own laboratory, which will provide greater flexibility to meet demands, as well as provide operational independence. Other projects, such as hospital expansion and Viver Bem structure and services, are already underway.

Projects and Actions focus efforts on making the coming years better for members and employees, as well as for customers who place their trust in work done with high care and with the aim of making a difference in caring for people.

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