February 5, 2023

Neymar follows Joao Felix’s girlfriend and raises controversy, and she talks


Neymar and Joao Felix

The watchful eyes of social media users did not miss anything and ended up sparking another controversy, this time between players Neymar and Joao Felix, as well as Maguy Corchero, the girlfriend of the Portuguese star.

And according to the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, after the model ( See the gallery below
) On a trip to Paris recently, Neymar would have started following her on Instagram, a position that the young woman also took with regard to the Brazilian.

However, the superstar was going to backtrack on the decision and give a follow-up, shortly after Magui posted a photo celebrating the New Year with the Atlético de Madrid forward. It should be noted that just before the end of the year, the Portuguese press reported on the alleged separation of the couple.

The Brazilian’s position sparked a series of comments on social media and Maguy, who continues to follow Neymar, was forced to defend himself. In the stories she wrote “When they know nothing at all, they have to talk about anything, what a shame!”

The Paris Saint-Germain player has not commented on the case, at least not yet.

This, by the way, is not the first controversy involving the model. In May of that year, Speculation revealed an alleged relationship between the young woman and Spanish side Pedro Boro, formerly of Manchester City and currently at Sporting de Portugal.

It all started after a video went viral on social networks showing two people in a nightclub who were supposed to be the friend and the model. The people in the photos are seen very close and appear to be kissing.

And to add to the rumours, after a sports match, Pedro approached the fans to hand over his jersey. What no one expected was that he would hand it over to Maggie, who thanked him with a hug.

Faced with the speculations, Pedro Porro posted a statement on Twitter: “The situation that happened yesterday and today is very uncomfortable. I have a special relationship with her (Maguey), no one betrays anyone. My image will not be like that. Nothing has tainted her, least of all because of things Like that. I can do whatever I want. Stop demonizing the three of us.”

In turn, she interacted via Twitter with the video with humor and mentioned Boro. “But how little shame they have, Pedro Porro? I’m shocked,” Maguy wrote.

immediately afterwards, Joao Felix also spoke
. “Maguey’s image is tainted by absurdity. Nobody betrays anyone. Enough is enough,” the Atlético player wrote on his Twitter page.

The talented Portuguese player met his girlfriend when he was wearing a Benfica shirt. After her boyfriend signed with Atlético de Madrid, Maguy was forced to live between Spain and Portugal. The young woman is an avid sports fan and was seen several times in the stands of Jose Alvalade in Lisbon.