February 27, 2024
Neymar lines up and passes a magic pass, but Mbappe misses the goal.  a look

Neymar lines up and passes a magic pass, but Mbappe misses the goal. a look

Paris Saint-Germain suffered more than expected, but beat Troy 4-3 Today (29) by French Championship. The capital team struggled defensively but suffered Neymar And the Messi Inspiration to win the comeback. The legendary Brazilian contributed with a goal and assist and could have come up with better statistics, but Mbappe “hampered” him.

In the 21st minute of the second half, he received the number 10 shirt in the middle with double marks. First, with just a few touches on the ball and very quickly, he left both Marks behind. A third player went out to fight and took a cut.

Neymar continued to push the ball quickly and easily crossed the fourth mark, heading towards the fifth goal. When it looked like he was going to be disarmed, the Brazilian made a magical move, stepping on the ball with his right foot, turning the ball round and hitting the heel with his left foot.

The left-handed pass was conscious, deep, and left Mbappe up against goalkeeper Gallon. But the French striker hit hard, low, on top of the goalkeeper, missing the opportunity to score an anthological goal for Paris Saint-Germain.

Victory and leadership

With another win in the French championship, PSG now has 35 points, five more than Lens, who finished second in the competition.

Now, the team from the French capital is turning its attention to Champions League. The leaders of Group H with 11 points, which is the same result as the second-placed Benfica, faces Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus next Wednesday (2/11), at 17 GMT.