February 25, 2024
Cães resgatados têm até etiqueta de identificação, o que demonstra que eles têm dono

NGO rescues 386 dogs that were to be euthanized at China Dog Meat Festival – News

animal protection organization NoToDogMeat Chinese activists revealed that Chinese activists rescued 386 dogs last week that were in a truck destined for an acquaintance. Chinese dog meat festival in Yulin City.

According to activists, many of the dogs eaten at the event were pets stolen from their owners. Some of the animals rescued by the NGO wore a collar, leash or identification plate with their registration number. The organization plans to locate the families and return the dogs.

Shortly after the rescue, the number of animals rescued rose to 389, because one of the dogs in the truck on its way to the dog meat festival gave birth to three dogs.

“The idea of ​​saving these innocent lives fills us with joy. These pups could have been born in Yulin,” says activist Zhao, who runs the NoToDogMeat charity shelters in Hebei and Beijing, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

The animals are now in a shelter on the outskirts of Xi’An, where they receive food, water and emergency veterinary care. Soon, everyone should be moved to safe places in China, including NGO shelters.

“We will work to try to identify owners, but our priority now is to make sure all dogs are healthy and have a safe place to go,” Zhao explains.

The Yulin Festival has been around for over ten years and was set up by dog ​​meat dealers in an effort to increase their sales. The event provides for the slaughter of up to 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats. It is estimated that in China alone, 10 to 15 million dogs are consumed annually.

However, polls show that most Chinese do not support the dog and cat meat trade. In addition, about 72% of Yulin residents say they do not eat dog meat regularly, despite the efforts of merchants to promote it.

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