June 3, 2023
Nikao celebrates his first goal for Sao Paulo and explains the adaptation: 'I've never lost my fitness' |  Sao Paulo

Nikao celebrates his first goal for Sao Paulo and explains the adaptation: ‘I’ve never lost my fitness’ | Sao Paulo

One of Tricolor’s most popular deals of the season, Nikon He has not yet managed to become the player who became an idol in Atletico. After the match, he explained one of the reasons why he had difficulty beginning his tenure at the club.

For the physical part, I’m fine. It’s just that when people relate this adaptation time, they connect it to the physical part, but it was the philosophy of how the club operates and how Atletico thought about dealing with the main team. I was never in bad shape or physically ill. If I go with the nutritionist and the people who work at the club, I’m in the top five in terms of fitness.” Nikon.

Nicao celebrates Sao Paulo’s goal against Cuiaba – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

During his seven years at Atlético, Nikon He practically did not act in the first months of the season. In January and February, he collected a maximum of four matches, because the Paraná state team usually uses boys from the base in the initial stages.

In the Sao PauloHowever, the story was completely different. In his first two months at the club, for example, the player took to the field on eight occasions.

– Normal, new club, players with new characteristics. When I was the only people looking at me, they knew how I loved receiving the ball. Many people do not understand, but it affects. Day by day I’m getting more and more with my teammates, to understand how they like to play, and understand how I like it. I only spent four months at the club, but in Brazil we know how difficult things can be. My head hung straight. Nikon.

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The goal, however, could be the beginning of a new moment for the number 10 of Sao Paulo.

– When you score a goal, you remove the weight, your leg becomes lighter, the movements occur more naturally, but the work must continue. In the next game I will be asked to play a good game – conclude.

The player may have a new opportunity as the start of next Thursday, at 9:30 pm, against Jorge Wilstermann, in Morumbi, for the fifth round of the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana. At the tournament, Ceni took to the field a mixed team, and Nikon Go ahead at this point.

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