June 13, 2024

Nintendo is trying to block Steam’s photo website and it becomes a target for its community

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Nintendo is trying to block Steam's photo website and it becomes a target for its community

SteamGridDB has been targeted by the company to host images belonging to its games

Known for protecting his intellectual property very harshly, The Nintendo I recently started a lawsuit to remove content from SteamGridDB🇧🇷 The page allows players to share and download featured photos to steamwhich can be used to beautify games that aren’t available in the store – including those running on emulators for the Switch and other platforms.

Mario’s house didn’t like it at all, and He demanded that screenshots from games like Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda, and Splatoon be removed from the service🇧🇷 While the admins agreed to the terms, the user community wasn’t too happy and I decided to challenge Nintendo and all DMCA notices issued by it.

they did it Escalate upload of artwork that may infringe copyright that The company is trying to protect it🇧🇷 In addition, many co-arts criticize the Switch creator’s actions or mock the work she would have to try to get rid of new uploads.

The Steam Deck may have something to do with the issue

At this time, it’s unclear why Nintendo decided to target SteamGridDB, leaving other hosting services alone. However, Chances are high that this has something to do with the Steam Decka portable device that quickly became famous for its simulation capabilities.

on condition a Switch emulator Its code was even featured in a promotional video by ValveApparently, the console owner wasn’t very happy with the situation. So it decided to act similarly to the past, in an effort to eliminate any misuse of its intellectual property rights from the Internet.

that This isn’t the first time Nintendo has acted aggressively in this regard🇧🇷 In the past, the company has canceled fan remakes of games and parodies featuring its characters, and has blocked sharing of old promotional materials. until now Looks like she’s losing the battle against SteamGridDBas it is still very easy to find screenshots of your games.

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