February 1, 2023

Not just the brain! The cause of your depression may be in your gut

Have you ever heard that the gut is people’s second brain? Well, there is a common terminology that is given when saying that a certain person “thinks with his stomach”. Know that this is not as wrong as you think. After all, science has been studying this topic for a long time and has already made some interesting results on it.

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Research published in December in the journal Nature Communications shows that there are 13 bacteria in the gut that are capable of affecting a person’s mental health. The study involved researchers from Oxford Population Health in the Netherlands, who analyzed more than 3,200 people and their data on their faecal microbiota.

The conclusion was that Eggerthella; sweetie[عامة]cocci. silimonas. Lacnoclostridium. Hungatela. Ruminococcaceae. Lachnospiraceae UCG-001; Eubacterium ventriosum and the group Ruminococcus gauvreauii can interfere with the human mind. It can cause depression and other disorders.

Is the gut the second brain? I understand it better now

An expression that also shows consideration Intestine Like the second brain is what is translated in the word “scratched”. Excessive fears directly affect intestinal transit and can make it difficult to empty the stool. Therefore, an angry person is a person who is angry or in a bad mood.

However, know that the opposite is also true. The breakdown of the so-called “second brain” also creates anger and even sadness in a person’s mind. Numerous studies show that the body can only function at 100% when the intestines are healthy. One thing leads to another and connection to the members is critical to well being.

Understand the importance of the gut to the body

Well, in school we were taught one of the primary functions of the intestine, which is to absorb the food that was eaten at each meal. Within it there is a true infinity of bacteria and microorganisms. They have the ability to cross the brain’s defenses and modify neurons, causing an emotional imbalance.

Studies show that these gut bacteria can cause changes such as:

  • Anger attacks
  • deep sad;
  • Mood Swings;
  • carelessness.
  • Headache;
  • anxiety;
  • depression.

One way to improve the gut’s relationship with the rest of the body is to eat foods that contain probiotics, for example. Exercising and living a healthier life can help tremendously.

These probiotics are able to release serotonin and dopamine into the body, which alter the mood of any person.

Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock