February 27, 2024

Now only 10 are allowed!

Dog owners in Egypt are protesting loud and clear against a new law that requires them to turn in their beloved pets within a month.

Known as the Dog Ownership and Dangerous Animals Regulatory Act, controversial legislation recently took effect banning ownership of most dog breeds.

This same law was implemented in Egypt after a tragic incident in which a man was attacked and killed by a Pit Bull, sparking controversy across the country.

Those who break the law face heavy fines. The move sparked outrage among dog owners in the country, who expressed their displeasure through loud protests.

In Egypt, dogs have been banned and the government has only issued 10 breeds.

Citizens who have Dobermans, Great Danes, Alabai, Alaskan Malamute, Akita, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, Tosa, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Boxers and Huskies as pets must turn them over to the authorities within one month. .

In addition to banning certain breeds of dogs, the new law in Egypt also imposes a registration fee of up to 50,000 Egyptian pounds ($1,618) on pet owners.

Those who fail to register their dogs, and if they attack someone, face a minimum of six months in prison. In cases where the attack results in death, the minimum sentence is ten years.

These measures are intended to enhance public safety, but have been the subject of criticism and concerns about the effectiveness and fairness of the legislation.

The new law in Egypt also prohibits the ownership of exotic animals as pets. This ban extends to species such as cheetahs, tigers, lions, gorillas, monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, venomous snakes, wolves, chimpanzees, foxes, bears, pandas and hippos.

Under the new law, owners in Egypt can own a maximum of 10 dog breeds without having to pass a security check. These breeds include Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Poodles, Malinois, Pomeranians, Jack Russells, White Shepherds, Maltese, and Samoyeds.