February 6, 2023
Now understand the six signs of an abusive relationship

Now understand the six signs of an abusive relationship

When you are in a healthy relationship, in a simple and light way, things work, without demands, without exaggeration and with great passion. It is clear that difficulties and misunderstandings will happen, but they will be resolved. But what about when one Link Is it offensive? Learn to identify.

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Understand the signs of an abusive relationship now

All we expect from a relationship is respect, trust, and love. However, this does not always happen. It can take time for us to realize that we are in an abusive relationship because we are in the situation. However, it is worth remembering that inappropriate behaviors are subtle at first. So we have listed some signs to identify an abusive relationship.


If your partner usually brings up issues that were the subject of fights, but have actually been resolved, it’s time to be on the alert. Run a red flag.

Break into a glass of water

When something small happens (which is often beyond your control), and your partner can’t handle it wisely or control their emotions, this isn’t your place.

Manage your social networks

If your partner’s insecurities are speaking so loudly that they need to look at your social media to see what you’re talking about and who you’re talking to, I’ve got something to tell you… go for it!


when he bites and puffs. He gets aggressive, yells, punches doors and kicks walls always on the grounds that you “stressed me out”, runs, worse could happen.

desire priority

If he frequently makes you feel guilty for not wanting to hang out with him but with his friends, then he really wants you to be dependent on him.

Desire for attention

If it takes 5 minutes to answer and it comes in a text message, open your eyes. Danger may be at hand.