February 2, 2023
Nubank customers celebrate the new Pix feature

Nubank customers celebrate the new Pix feature

This possibility already exists in other digital accounts, but now a new feature in the Nubank app is getting customers excited

Another novelty for clients nubankđŸ‡§đŸ‡· The digital bank recently launched the function of making Pix transfers via credit card. creditWith the permission to pay the value in installments.

The tool is already in another banks and digital wallets, but recently made its way to Nubank, much to the surprise of its users.

pix in installments From Nubank

Now, when you make a Pix transfer on the payment screen – if there is an available limit on your credit card – you can choose to pay for the instant transfer using the credit function.

The novelty, which is now available to individuals and legal entities, can solve cases when a user needs to make a payment via Pix, but does not have an account balance.

The recipient of the amount sent receives the entire amount normally, like any other Pix transfer. Payment within the credit limit is only for those who choose the job.

It is also possible to pay the amount in up to 12 installments, however, in this case, interest is charged. The value of the installments can be checked before finalizing the transaction.

The total amount in the credit is subject to the addition of two fees: financial transaction tax (IOF) and interest. In the case of IOF, the rate can range between 0.38% and 3.38%, while the interest is 3.99% per month.

How do Pix installments work?

Track within the Nubank app – available for android And the iOS – To make the installment Pix the same as the common Pix. Follow the tutorial below:

  1. Enter the Nubank app;
  2. Enter the Pix Zone;
  3. Then choose the transfer option and fill in the Pix key field;
  4. Enter the required value;
  5. Then, on the payment screen, select the option “Choose how to transfer”;
  6. Among the possibilities, select “Credit Card”;
  7. select the number of installments you want;
  8. On the next screen, make sure the information is correct and review the fees to be charged, the interest, and the IOF;
  9. After checking everything, click on “Transfer”;
  10. Enter your password to complete the transfer.

ready. Once the process is complete, the amount you transferred will appear on your credit card statement.

Banks and other digital wallets already have this functionality, eg pickupfor example, but in roxinho the tool is new.

Photo: Beto Chagas / shutterstock.com