March 29, 2023

Nubank Offer Can Pay R$1000 Still in March: Participate Now

Nubank users are informed of all promotion details, which requires contracting with Nubank Vida to participate.

After that, you just need to sign up for the campaign and wait for the draw. However, it is important to sign up within five days after the insurance has been paid.

According to the rules that the upgrade, after the insurance is contracted, the user will get a number every month. In this sense, those who get more insurance receive more numbers to compete for new prizes.

The promotion launched by roxinho offers one chance per day, every seven days, to win vouchers worth R$30.00, R$50.00 or R$100.00.

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she is back!

Namely, the Nubank Vale-Vida offer was initially created in 2020, during the pandemic. After a short break, she returned to the delight of many customers.

With insurance, fintech customers can customize their coverage according to their profile and needs. The insurance payment is monthly, and averages R$9.00.

To join, you need to access the Nubank app, and enter the Nubank Vida screen. Then, the user must click on the “Vale-Vida Nubank Promotion” icon, check the details of that promotion, and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, all that remains is to click on the “Share” icon, following the application’s instructions.

In addition, it should be noted that the right to a promotional offer occurs when the payment of the insurance premium is up to date. Therefore, if you are a Nubank customer, but have not yet taken out insurance, take advantage of it now, as there is an opportunity to register and compete for great prizes.

About purple life insurance

In short, Nubank life insurance, in addition to providing access to the promotion, guarantees protection for those who want to ensure the financial security of their family members in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This means that there may be permanent disability or death.

Thus, when contracting for this service, the customer pays directly to his insurance company, which is obliged to pay the specified amount in the event of a claim. Payments are monthly or yearly, depending on the customer’s choice.

In addition to ensuring financial peace of mind for the dependents of the insured person, insurance can also be used as a financial planning tool.

When obtaining insurance, the client sets financial goals for himself and his dependents, which can help pay off debts, make investments, or secure a monthly income.

In addition, Nubank life insurance also offers another advantage, the possibility of obtaining personal coverage. The insured can choose the amount of compensation, the period of validity and additional coverage, such as critical illness or disability.

This flexibility, in turn, allows the policyholder to tailor the insurance to their own needs.

Finally, if you are interested in the service, download the Nubank app, get your insurance and take part in the promotion at:

  • Android:
  • iPhone (iOS):

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