February 26, 2024
Imagem de: GPUs Nvidia RTX 30 tem estoques e preços normalizados no Brasil

Nvidia RTX 30 GPUs have stocks and normal prices in Brazil

If you’ve been waiting a while to change or buy a GPU, finally some good news: Today (27) Nvidia announced that video cards for its RTX 30 line are back in Brazilian stocks as of Wednesdayas has happened in the rest of the world recently.

feature? GPU rates will begin to normalize Thus, other lines of video cards should begin to go down with it. In addition, Nvidia revealed that Launch a website to help consumers find RTX 30 models more easily and at the best prices.

Finally, the company said in an official statement that it is working with several partners in Brazil. To ensure stock is replenished, updated prices are adhered to, and retailers do not post limited-time promotional pricesthat is: ensuring that the lowest values ​​are maintained.


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the microchip crisis has caused a shortage of electronic components, which has led to an increase in demand and a decrease in supply, which has caused the prices of video cards to rise well above the table value.

With the novelty, it is possible that as of Wednesday (27) you will already find GeForce RTX 30 prices at the suggested value.