June 30, 2022
Organizers said the "Out Bolsonaro" works gathered 700,000 people in 304 cities

Organizers said the “Out Bolsonaro” works gathered 700,000 people in 304 cities

A total of 314 actions were carried out in 304 Brazilian cities and in 18 different countries against Jair Bolsonaro

Forum Magazine On Saturday (2), thousands of Brazilians took to the streets, across the country, for another day of mobilization to impeach President Jair Bolsonaro. This is the sixth national demonstration against the head of the executive authority since the beginning of the year.

314 works were carried out in 304 Brazilian cities and 18 different countries. Abroad, protests took place in Germany, Argentina, Canada, the United States, Spain, France, England, Italy, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

According to the national campaign Fora Bolsonaro, which is responsible for organizing the protests, about 700,000 people attended the demonstrations (read the full text at Forum Magazine).

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