June 14, 2024

Palmeiras beats Flamengo in an epic match with seven goals and champions the Brazilian Super Cup for the first time.

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Palmeiras beats Flamengo in an epic match with seven goals and champions the Brazilian Super Cup for the first time.

Palmeiras beat Flamengo 4-3 and won the Brazilian Super Cup for the first time

the Palm trees He is a hero Brazilian Super Cup! In an epic game full of trouble, Alviverde’s team won Flamingo By 4 to 3, this Saturday (28), at the Estádio Mané Garrincha, in Brasília.

With brace in Rafael Vega And Gabriel Boy The team, led by Abel Ferreira, won the unprecedented and first title of the 2023 season. Gabigol (twice) f Pedro Discounted for Rubro-Negro.

Palmeiras and Flamengo Brazilian champions Brazil Cup In 2022, respectively, he entered the field with different attitudes, but with a common goal: to lift the trophy to ease and calm the spirits at the club.

Without starting in the first rounds of Paulistão, the team, led by Abel Ferreira, was not strengthened after Paulistao’s departure. Danilo And Gustavo Scarpa to England.

On the other hand, Carioca, champions of the Super Cup in 2020 and 2021, treated the decision as a preliminary offer to the Club World Cup and also as the first major challenge for Viter Pereira before the trip to Morocco.

the game

The first half was filled with a lot of complaints from both sides. The match started so choppy that in the 25th minute his uniform brought down Rafael Arascaeta inside the area. The referee scored a penalty kick and on the kick Gabigol He opened the scoring for Flamengo.

But the red blacks’ joy did not last long, because minutes later Palmeiras left everything as it was. Rafael Vega He relied on a silly David Luiz kick in the right corner for Santos and made it 1 to 1.

Both teams kept trying to find spaces to get to the goal. Even in additions Gabriel Menino He risked a left-handed kick from outside the area to turn the tide in Sao Paulo’s favour.

Behind the scoreboard, Flamengo came back and pressed in the second half and forced Weverton to create two great defenses at the start. In the first half, Pedro nodded, and the goalkeeper saved it. On the rebound, Arascaeta took the kick, making the No. 21 miracle to avoid the goal.

But in the sequence, Everton found Ribeiro Gabigol Free. He sent the striker over the Palmeiras goalkeeper to make it 2-2 in favor of Rubro Negro. However, minutes later, Everton Ribeiro put his hand to the ball inside the area in an attempt to avoid Andrique’s net. Rafael Vega He converted the penalty and put Palmeiras ahead again.

Flamingo replied and after a few minutes, Pedrowho practically did not touch the ball, touched it with his heel and scored another amazing goal against Manny Garrincha to make it 3-3.

The match continued to be exciting as both teams were looking for victory. Rooney took a risk at the age of 22, but Santos saved well. On the counterattack, Pedro took the ball out of the way, but Marcos Rocha parried the shot on goal and sent the ball into a corner.

Until the age of 28, Gabriel Menino kicked to bring Palmeiras back in front of Robro Negro. Flamengo players complained a lot about the move, claiming that Maiqué, who was offside in the move, blocked Santos’ path. The referee ordered him to go.

In addition, Abel Ferreira kept kicking the mic and was sent off by refereeing.

The last stretch was one of the great feelings. Rubro-Negro pressed on, but Alviverde closed in to leave with the unprecedented victory and title.

Tournament mode

With the result, Palmeiras achieved the Brazilian Super Cup title for the first time. On the other hand, Flamengo suffered a second consecutive place after losing on penalties to Atlético MG in the last edition.

The man: Gabriel Menino

No. 25 Palmeiras scored a goal, which was the second for Alviverde’s team in the match. In the width, he receives from Béquerez, spins and hits the left corner, with Santos no chance. After that, Menino scored the fourth goal, which gave Palmeiras the unprecedented title. It was the first time that a defensive midfielder had scored two goals in the same game in his career.

Sorry: David Luiz

The red-and-black defender performed well below expectations. He got the worst in a single play against Rafael Vega, failing to cut the ball and leaving a Palmeiras midfielder free to make it 1-1 in the first stage.

Upcoming matches

The two teams will return to the field next Wednesday (01) for matches valid for their countries. Flamengo will make one last commitment before traveling to Morocco for the World Cup. The red and black team receives Good viewat 21:10, in the Maracanã, at Carioca Championship. Visit Palmeiras already Mirasolat 21:35, by Paulista championship.

data sheet

Palm trees 4×3 flamingo

Objectives: Gabigol (25′ in Q1 and 5′ in Q2), Rafael Vega (37′ in Q1 and 12′ in Q2), Gabriel Menino (48′ in Q1 and 28′ in Q2), Pedro (15′ in Q2)

Palm trees: Weverton, Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murilo and Péquez; Gabriele Menino (Gelson), costumed by Raphael and Vega; Ron, Dodo, and Indrik (Mike). Technician: Abel Ferreira

Flamingo: Santos, Varela (Mathuzinho), David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Gerson (Vidal), Everton Ribeiro and Arascaeta (Everton Cipolineha); Gabigol and Peter. Coach: Victor Pereira

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