January 28, 2023
Papi gets hung up on nonsense with Deolan in confinement

Papi gets hung up on nonsense with Deolan in confinement

Barbara Borges, heroinefarm 2022 ”(RecordTV), she participated in“ Decompression Cabin ”(PlayPlus) with Lucas Selfie, Bia Miranda and Iran Malfitano. On this occasion, the former Paquita commented why she thinks she won the 14th season of reality show🇧🇷

I’m still taking in a lot. But thinking about the path, there were many things. Nonsense from the first week. And Deolane is undeniable, she came off very strong. She has a very strong personality. Barbara Burgess

The actress continued, “Not only me, but everyone in the house started noticing that she was at the center and there was a lot of things around her. Either you joined that group and you were a part of it, or you weren’t.”

“So my reading of the game started to get ahead of that,” Papi said. “I think the audience followed my lead in reading the game. I think maybe that was the case.”

“Do you think you ever thought, in order to win, you have to step up? Do you need to fight it?” Selfie asked.

no. Is this her way [Deolane], which was very strong, often seemed aggressive to me. I’m beginning to understand that there will be trouble. I knew I was going to have to assert myself as my person and overcome the fear I was feeling. I was not afraid of her, but what would happen after a quarrel with her. Barbara Burgess

At the end of “farm 14🇧🇷 Papi came first with 61.14% of the voteand received a prize of 1.5 million Brazilian reais. Bia came in second with 35.03%.And I took home a brand new car. previously Iran ranked third with 3.83%.🇧🇷

Barbara hero. What do you think of the result of ‘A Fazenda 2022’?

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