June 23, 2024

Passengers queuing in several countries to fly to the United States after the lifting of Covid restrictions | Globalism

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Passengers queuing in several countries to fly to the United States after the lifting of Covid restrictions |  Globalism

Travelers are excited about the prospect of seeing family and friends for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began to climb United State This Monday after the country lifting restrictions It was imposed on most countries of the world during the past two years.

The travel restrictions were adopted in early 2020, as the travel restrictions prevented entry to non-US citizens from 33 countries, including China, India, Brazil and most of Europe, and also prevented them from entering by land from Mexico and Canada.

The United States has taken longer than many other countries to lift restrictions, which is made possible by the distribution of vaccines, even though infections are increasing in many countries.

Months of pent-up demand caused shipments to surge Monday, with travelers only being asked to show official proof of vaccination and a recent negative Covid-19 test.

Longtime rivals British Airways and Virgin Atlantic took off simultaneously from the parallel runway of Heathrow shortly before 9:00 am local time, a feat designed to underscore the importance of the transatlantic market to the US aviation industry.

Flights were full, and it’s believed that passenger numbers will remain high in the coming weeks as Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays approach, said Virgin Atlantic CEO Shay Weiss.

“It’s a great day to celebrate,” Weiss said, adding that the planes “are filling up well,” which he described as a major turning point for an industry hard hit by the pandemic.

The US braced for long queues and delays on Monday. United Airlines only expected About 50% increase in the number of passengers coming from abroad compared to the last two days, when their number reached about 20,000.

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines, warned that passengers should prepare for long wait times.

“It’s going to be a little messy at first. I can guarantee you, unfortunately, there will be streaks.”

But the prospect of long queues hardly dampened the enthusiasm of those preparing to meet their loved ones again.

“I think we might start to cry,” said Bindya Patel, who was going to meet her one-year-old nephew in New York at Heathrow Airport.

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