February 26, 2024

Pay R$140 less for Extra and Deluxe

Sony brought good discount options on Plus note for the month of January. Anyone who wants an annual subscription for the Plus and Deluxe levels can pay R$140 less on the digital platform up to January 13th Valid for new customers.

3-month subscriptions and upgrades to more robust plans are also available. Take the opportunity to pay Under R$140 on 12-month options or take advantage of other promotional rates, here are the prices:

PS Plus Extra discount

  • PlayStation Plus Extra (for 12 months) – from R$339.90 to R$199.90
  • PlayStation Plus Extra (3 months) – from R$139.90 to R$84.90

PS Plus Deluxe discount

  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe (12 months) – from R$389.90 to R$249.90
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe (3 months) – from R$159.90 to R$104.90

The PS Plus Deluxe upgrade discount works similarly to Offered in December. There is a 30% discount on the price according to the remaining days on your active subscription, which makes the value vary from one customer to another.

January 2023 PS Plus games

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By taking advantage of the PS Plus discount, you’ll have access to the January menu that’s offered with the Basic plan. How about checking if the titles are worth it with Expert Opinion? Click here to learn more!