June 7, 2023
PC Vasconcellos: "The sign I see is from the Botafogo building itself in a very interesting way"

PC Vasconcellos: “The sign I see is from the Botafogo building itself in a very interesting way”

1-1 draw with YouthThis Sunday, it was only the fourth game of Botafogo In the Brazilian Championship. for commenter Paulo Cesar Vasconcelosin the “traffic card exchange” of SporTV, this must be taken into account, in addition to the impact of Nilton Santos Stadium crowded.

– I would say that anxiety betrayed Botafogo very much. The crooked From Botafogo it was flawless. Of course she left the field disappointed because she went there with a win. He saw Botafogo so strong in the first half, he didn’t let Juventud play, but he was also anxious and hasty. I understand that Luis Castro, who got upset throughout the match and charged Botafogo without the ball, that’s the big challenge, to be competitive and assertive without the ball. It needs training and acceptance of the new. reached a tie with Diego GoncalvesIt has entrances Mateus Nascimento it was good. The result was disappointing, but Luis Castro made a very interesting observation, that this team needs to know they are going to play with a full stadium. This crowd, which never gave up, despite all the careless management, now appears in great numbers, cheering, only at the end had indignant demonstrations – said the computer.

Commentator and former player Pedrinho Also talk about what it’s like to play in a full stadium.

“We’ve been talking about this for a long time. When the model isn’t very static, the external environment interferes. I did it, it wasn’t about swooping, it was to negotiate space, I got to the top because the crowd asked me, it wasn’t to go. The fan is to understand, to participate without interference, and not to make the player make mistakes.This is why we played to create a small seed for understanding the game – he explained.

However, the balance is positive in the opinion of analysts.

The banners I see from Botafogo are built in a very interesting way. John Textor He completed 30 days, four games, but he said he wants this coach to lead the process that will lead to this, this and that. I see awareness and conviction, which is not the case in many others. It is clearly constructive. That’s why Luis Castro said he should get used to playing with a full stadium and do what’s been worked out – added PC Vasconcellos.