February 27, 2024
Peak meteor showers tonight occur in the interior of SP

Peak meteor showers tonight occur in the interior of SP

Residents of the Bauru city area, about 180 kilometers from the capital São Paulo, will be able to follow the night of Friday 21, the peak of the Orionid meteor showers. On average, ten rock fragmentscoming from celestial bodies, can be seen in the clock.

The phenomenon began on the second of October and lasted until the seventh of November. However, the peak is scheduled for Friday, 21, and Saturday, 22, starting at 23:00.

Tonight’s weather forecast in the area is the sky covered with clouds, which can weaken the observation.

You do not need special equipment, such as a telescope, to view the phenomenon, but experts advise that curious gathering should be in places far from the urban area, because of the light from street lamps, which can interfere with perception.

Off the peak, a maximum of three meteors can be seen in the sky during the rainy season. These events are part of the constellation Orion, which are shards of dust left by Comet Halley that have entered the planet’s orbit.

The most powerful meteorite of the year is seen in Rio Grande do Sul

meteor more stronger This year it was spotted in the skies of Tacuara, in Rio Grande do Sul, on October 3 this year. a Heller and Jung Space Observatory Record the moment the space object exploded in the atmosphere at 2:26 AM. Altogether, this phenomenon lasted 5 seconds.