June 14, 2024

Pedigree test helps women find a biological father after 41 years – Revista Crescer | education

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Pedigree test helps women find a biological father after 41 years - Revista Crescer |  education

The story of Kelly Pinkney, 41, would be a good plot for a soap opera. Kelly, an ambulance driver in London, England, did not know her identity biological fatherHowever, thanks to the pedigree test, she was able to find her paternal family through her cousin. It is clear that the path to this discovery was not easy and had several ups and downs, with the right of investigation at the level of the FBI.

According to the information received from daily MailThe English lady’s mother became pregnant after spending a night with a man she didn’t know. 10 weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. It wasn’t easy to be single mom. There has been much criticism, mainly due to the prejudice of society in the 1980s, when Kelly was born. At first, she stayed with her mother, but when she was still young, at about 4 years old, she ended up spending some time in a series of nurseries, until the age of 9, she went to an orphanage. There she began to question her identity, because she had dark skin, brown hair and eyes, while her mother’s entire family was fair. “My color became one thing for me,” says Kelly. “It was very difficult, because I was in an orphanage, so I was different anyway, and I didn’t have a family, and it was also different because I didn’t have a color that no one else had.” .

Father and daughter met earlier this year (Image: Daily Mail Reproduction)

Father and daughter met earlier this year (Image: Daily Mail Reproduction)

At the age of ten, she returned to live with her mother and wanted to know more about her patriarchal family. The only information she had was that her father could be an Arab or an Egyptian. And so, without having any clues and how to start the search, she left the dream of meeting her father asleep for a while. “Where do I begin?” asked Kelly. “I thought about it on a strange occasion. I wondered what he would look like. Do I look like him? Does he have other children?”

After years of living with her mother, Chauffeur decided to start her own family, and at the age of 15, she went to live with her boyfriend with whom she gave birth to her now 17-year-old son. However, soon after, the couple broke up.


Two years ago, Kelly found a light at the end of the tunnel. The English lady learned that her friend had undergone a pedigree test in California (USA), which uses a saliva sample to assess heredity. At the time, the audition was advertised for £150 (about R$1,120 at the current price) and Kelly couldn’t pay, but after a few months, she saw the offer for £99 (about R$739) and decided the gift for yourself.

Five weeks after taking the test, the results came in and I was found to be 50% Persian. However, the company also revealed that her cousin had registered on its website and the two ended up linking. After talking to her cousin, she finds out that his mother has six siblings and one of them could be his father. Two died, two lived in the United States, and others did not go to London in the late 1970s.

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The cousin promised to talk to the family about the case, but when he reached out to him again, his tone of voice had already changed. He said there was a mistake and his mother and grandmother said the family didn’t come to the UK until the late 1980s, and he said the company had made a mistake. “But I knew DNA couldn’t be wrong, so I started doing my own research, and I became an FBI agent,” Kelly said.

At the time, she tracked two of the family’s brothers on Facebook, but they didn’t reply to her messages, so she started chatting with her daughters. The women agreed to a DNA test, which turned out to be cousins. Another brother in the United States also agreed to take a DNA test, which showed he was Kelly’s uncle.

The news eventually spread around the family, and then Kelly received a letter from another brother named Saeed, who still lives in London. He said he recognized the driver’s mother and agreed to take the test. After 41 years, Kelly has finally found her father and the most curious thing is that he regrets not having children.

A few months ago, father and daughter finally managed to meet and the English lady was very touched by the end of this story: “When I found out, I cried uncontrollably for an hour. I could not stop. I thought of all the pain. There was great relief, and at last I knew who I was ” . Kelly says the father never married, but always wanted children. “It was a huge shock to him because he never knew I was there as long as I knew he was there.” The driver is now planning to meet her grandmother, who is also in the UK, and her other cousins ​​in the US, with whom she has developed a close relationship.

Spokesman 23andM, the company that performed the tests, also commented on Kelly’s condition. “Although we weren’t specifically designed to help people confirm ancestry or find parents by birth, our tool DNA relatives The company says it helps people find and connect with participating genetic relatives. “This feature is completely optional, which means that customers must choose to actively participate and be informed in advance that with the tool, they can discover unexpected relationships,” the company informs.

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