June 13, 2024

Pedro says what Sampaoli was not enjoying in the match, which ended 8-2

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Pedro says what Sampaoli was not enjoying in the match, which ended 8-2

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Cipollenha says Sampaoli was asking for “intensity” with Flamengo’s 5-1 scoreline: “He has a winning mentality”

Flamengo scored 8-2 in Maringa and advanced in the Copa do Brasil

Flamengo beat Marenga, 8-2 This Wednesday (26th), he secured a place in the round of 16 of Brazil Cup. But not everything seems to have pleased coach Jorge Sampaoli.

Scored four goals in the match, Pedro gave an interview Amazon He revealed what the Argentine did to the players in the first half when the score was already 4-1.

“Thank you to the group. We showed the face Sampaoli wants. In the first half, he said we needed to do more in the game, but we showed that Flamingo You will enter to fight and fight, as it should, it is in the beginning (the business), and we are developing little by little, but (Flamingo) is showing the face it wants, “he said.

This has been The first time in exactly 28 years Flamengo scored eight goals in a match. The last time was on April 26, 1995 in the Copa do Brasil, with a score of 8-0 against Capore of Tocantins.

In that time, Savio three times, Rodrigo Mendes twice, Markinhos, Charles Guerrero and Branko scored the goals of the match.

After 28 years, Pedro, four times, Gabigol, Cipollina, Gerson and Thiago Maia scored the goals in Flamengo’s biggest defeat of the year.

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Jorge Sampaoli swings through Flamengo x MaringáBuddha Mendez/Getty Images

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