April 13, 2024
Pele's daughter talks about her father's condition: 'She doesn't say goodbye'

Pele’s daughter talks about her father’s condition: ‘She doesn’t say goodbye’

pellet He was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital, in Sao Paulo, since last Tuesday (29), the health condition of the three-time world champion has generated a wave of turmoil and apprehension in the world of football. In an interview with ‘Fantástico’, daughters Kelly and Flavia and grandson Arthur adopted a calm tone to talk about the status of the ‘King of Football’.

Flavia states that the father is in a “normal room” and away from danger. She still denies that Pele is in terminal condition or does so Palliative treatment🇧🇷 Kelly has already reported that the former player recently tested positive for covid-19.

“Kelly and I are tired of receiving ‘condolences,'” Flavia said.

“I don’t like people saying the cancer treatment didn’t work. Of course it worked, it works. While he’s here, he’s breathing, he’s working fine. From time to time they adjust the medication to see what’s going on.” [que é] Better. It is not fair to say that it is in a terminal state, a palliative. It’s not that. Trust us.”

Kelly said Pele was diagnosed with a lung infection weeks after he contracted covid-19 and that once the problem was resolved, his father would come home.

“He is sick, old man, but at the moment he is there with a pneumonia, and when he is better he will be home again. He does not say goodbye in the hospital.” […] About three weeks ago he had the virus. He was vaccinated, but because of the cancer medicine, he developed a lung infection, which is why he went to the hospital.”

According to what the girls said, Pele was chaperoning Appearances of players and technicians who want a speedy recovery And watching matches Brazilian national team in the Qatar World Cup.

He started talking about tactical training without which Neymar“We can’t create too many matches,” said his grandson Arthur, “He’ll be fine, he’ll see the sixth game, he’ll see Brazil win.”

Pele health

The king’s health raised concerns this week after it was reported that he had contracted the disease Colon cancer treatment discontinuedas her body was no longer reacting to the chemotherapy, and she began receiving palliative care It aims to improve the quality of life and alleviate the suffering of patients with incurable diseases. The information was initially published by and confirmed by Folha de S.Paulo UOL🇧🇷

The latest medical releases from the hospital stated that Pele had shown a good response to treatment for a respiratory infection. There is no expectation of a new update on the health of the previous player. A vigil for King fans was held at the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, today🇧🇷

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