February 25, 2024
People talk about going to high school with celebrities

People talk about going to high school with celebrities

There are many stories about celebrities before they became famous. Most of them refer to the difficulties they have experienced in life. Have you ever stopped to analyze what the people who know these celebs have to say before they are truly magical? See reports from those who lived with these celebrities during high school.

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People talk about celebrities at school

Who would have thought that someone from your class could one day become a famous media artist? If we stop to think about it, this is the story of the lives of thousands of people who were surprised to discover that, sometimes, someone no one thought much about would become a huge star.

To tell these stories, a few people have come together in an AskReddit thread. In a short time, many testimonials have surfaced about some of the biggest names in global pop culture. Even more surprising was exactly what people had to say about some of the celebrities of the moment.

This is because while some have received appropriate praise, others have been the target of rather mean remarks. There are even testimonies that seek to deny what some celebrities claim about their adolescence. This is what ordinary people tend to say about some celebrities.

Taylor Swift by Rae_hers

“I went to high school with Taylor Swift. She was likable and clumsy. So cute and down-to-earth. A bunch of us watched her one morning on Good Morning America before anyone knew she was a musician. A few months later, she sang “Our Song” at the talent show Our annual. It was the first time 90% of us had heard his music.”

Prince by Kenzi 14

“My dad went to the same school as Prince. He was obviously a very quiet kid, and he didn’t have many friends.”

Elvis Presley from BroadwayBeauty

“My grandmother went to school with Elvis. She said he was a real womanizer and a total sweetheart.”

Justin Bieber by mjcronic

“My nanny went to school with Justin Bieber. She said it was a real douche bag.”

Johnny Depp by ianwashere

“Well, I didn’t know exactly, but Johnny Depp was a year ahead of me in school, and I would talk to him from time to time. I can tell you, he was himself now, the leader in every way, the class clown/freak.”

Demi Lovato by Ashley Graham

“She was the one who had lower grades than me in high school and then moved to Hollywood right before high school. She was a real vixen. Definitely the biggest bad girl in her class. I really don’t get why she would go into interviews saying she was bullied so much. She was the one who freaked out.” “.

Michelle Obama via Katey5678

“My mom went to high school with Michelle Obama and she still has a yearbook with her autograph on it. They were in the National Honor Society together and were good mates. It wasn’t until Obama was elected and my mom was watching the news that she recognized Michelle and went looking for her yearbook” .

Madonna by Wilsey

“My mom went to school with Madonna in Rochester, Michigan. She said Madonna was a total “drug,” and that didn’t surprise me at all.”

Bruce Willis

“My dad went to college with Bruce Willis. He told me stories about them listening to records in their dorms and that Bruce was really drunk. Apparently he quit because he was an alcoholic… Apparently, when he went to Hollywood, he asked one of my dad’s friends to be his accountant, but he didn’t think Bruce would make it.”

Bono Fox Dilapalo

“My dad punched my friends Bono Fox when they were at school. The story is, Bono wrote a song (or sang a song) for my dad’s girlfriend, and as you can imagine, he didn’t like it. So the next day, I punched the money machine!”