February 28, 2024

Petrobras cuts gasoline prices by 5.3% and LPG by 3.9%

Petrobras announced on Friday (30) that it will reduce the prices of petrol by 5.3% per liter and LPG by 3.9% per kilo. The new values ​​will take effect from tomorrow (the 1st). Despite the cut, the company maintains that a series of factors, such as tax collection, distribution and resale profit margins, influence the final price for consumers.

The price of A gasoline, which is produced by oil refineries, without adding anhydrous ethanol, will have a reduction of R$ 0.14 per liter, equivalent to a reduction of 5.3%. Thus, the average price per liter is R$2.52.

Gasoline that reaches the final consumer at service stations is compulsorily blended with anhydrous ethanol, at a ratio of 73% A-benzene to 27% ethanol. Thus, Petrobras’ share of the consumer price will be, on average, R$1.84 per liter sold at the pump, the company announced.

The price of LPG will be reduced by R$0.10 per kg, which corresponds to a 3.9% decrease in the average selling price for distributors, which will go from R$2.5356 to R$2.4356 per kg. A 13kg drum costs R$31.66.

In a note, Petrobras stated that in both cases, the price reduction “has as its main objectives the preservation of the price competitiveness of the company with regard to the main supply alternatives for its customers and the necessary market share to improve the assets in balance with the national and international markets,” he says.

But the prices that reach the consumer vary according to the company. In the Petrobras websiteInformation regarding the share of the Company and other agents in the formation and composition of average fuel prices for consumers is available.