February 29, 2024

Petrobras (PETR4) and Vale (VALE3) paid more dividends than the total companies on the exchange

Petrobras (PETR4) and Vale (VALE3) paid more dividends than the total companies on the exchange
earnings. Photo: Pexels

In 2021, the total earnings Distributed through Petrobras (PETR4) And Voucher (VALE3) It was higher than the total paid by all other companies on the exchange, according to data from Economists.

The survey shows that, last year, Petrobras profits Totaling 72.72 billion Brazilian reais, while the distribution of yes It was 73.29 billion Brazilian reals. Adding the dividends of the two companies, the amount distributed in 2021 was 146.01 billion Rls.

In parallel, everything else B3 companies Together they distributed 145.2 billion Rls in dividends and interest on stock (JCP). This is the largest amount ever paid in earnings, according to Economics magazine.

To arrive at this number, the survey considered all publicly traded companies with data available between 2010 and 2021. The sample included 226 listed companies.

So, Vale and Petrobras distributed together 146.01 billion Brazilian riyals dividendsWhile 226 listed companies collectively returned 145 billion Brazilian riyals to their shareholders.

Top 20 Shareholder Payments

upload economics The 20 companies with the highest trading volumes were also listed on the list Dividends and JCP Distributed between 2010 and 2021, in nominal terms (ie, not adjusted for inflation).

With R$73.29 billion paid out last year, Vale tops the list as the biggest dividend payer in Brazil. In addition to the 2021 publication, the company appears five more times among the highest paying companies on the list.

Followed by Vale, comes Petrobras’ dividend, with 72.72 billion Rls paid out in 2021. In addition, the state-owned company holds the second record in the top 20 list.

The Santander Brazil (SANB11) it’s the Bradsko (BBDC4) You have two records each Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4) and the ABEV3 (ABEV3) They appear on four occasions.

Companies with the most dividends and interest on dividends distributed since 2010 (in millions):

company Plot Dividend + JCP
yes Mining 73287 Brazilian Real 2021
Petrobras oil and gas 72719 BRL 2021
Itaú Unibanco Banks 26,142 Brazilian Real 2019
Itaú Unibanco Banks 20,249 Brazilian Real 2018
yes Mining 18709 Brazilian Real 2020
Bradesco Banks 17,751 Brazilian Real 2019
yes Mining 15,125 Brazilian Real 2011
yes Mining 13051 Brazilian Real 2018
ambife Food and drinks 12,060 BRL 2014
Itaú Unibanco Banks 12058 Brazilian Real 2020
yes Mining 11,686 Brazilian Real 2012
yes Mining 11,686 Brazilian Real 2012
ambife Food and drinks 11,490 Brazilian Real 2015
ambife Food and drinks 11115 Brazilian Real 2021
Itaú Unibanco Banks 10,728 Brazilian Real 2017
Petrobras oil and gas 10659 BRL 2011
ambife Food and drinks 10,331 Brazilian Real 2016
Santander PR Banks 10,211 Brazilian Real 2020
Santander PR Banks 9.996 Brazilian Real 2021
Bradesco Banks R$914 2021

As a result, the 20 largest payout volumes for earnings The JCPs of shareholders are concentrated in four sectors of the stock exchange: mining, oil and gas, banking, and food and beverage.