February 28, 2024

Peugeot 208 will get 1.0 and 1.3 turbocharged engines

The 208 will soon get not one, but two turbocharged engines. Peugeot is preparing news for its hatchback and may release news later this year. The information was provided by journalist João Anacleto (@employee) during the latest version of Auto + Podcastwith the arithmetic being done directly in the final loop.

According to the journalist, his source confirmed that the 208 will be equipped with a 1.0 turbo engine with 130 hp, as expected. But the surprise was to discover that the 1.3 turbo engine, with a capacity of 185 hp, will also be issued in the hatchback, but this engine should only appear in the sport option of the car.

The GT 1.3 turbo configuration will be responsible for giving the model the sporty spice it lacks. It should be noted that there are currently even 208 GTs, but it is the electric version, which is more expensive and is imported from Europe.

Peugeot 208 road trip [divulgação]

Apparently, turbocharged versions with both engines are scheduled for release later this year. In the podcast, Anacleto reports that sales of the Griffe and Roadtrip 1.6 versions have been suspended, specifically to make room for the new turbocharged models.

With this, everything indicates that the launch could be faster than imagined, and could happen in the coming months. To find out the release date, prices and series items, follow the news here on the website as well as on the channel Auto + in YouTube.

[Auto+ / João Brigato]
[Auto+ / João Brigato]

To follow the moment when João Anacleto released the information on the podcast, check out the video for episode #9 at the end of this transcript, where you can watch the entire episode.

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