June 23, 2024

Photo of Falcao watching Wimbledon final in Morumbi worries Santos behind the scenes | saints

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Photo of Falcao watching Wimbledon final in Morumbi worries Santos behind the scenes |  saints

The image of football coordinator Paulo Roberto Falcao watching the Wimbledon final on TV in Morumbi, ahead of Sunday’s derby match against Sao Paulo, stirred up opposition groups in saints. Internally, this gesture had few repercussions.

Paulo Roberto Falcao watches the Wimbledon final in Morumbi – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

Once the bus saints He arrived at the Sao Paulino stadium and the players entered the locker room, and the first man from Bixi decided to stay in the press room in Morumbi after the final minutes of the confrontation between Serbian Novak Djokovic and Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz.

Paulo Roberto Falcao talks about the psychological problem of the club

a report General Electric Capture the scene and record the picture.

In the locker room saints, The players and coaching staff did not pay attention to the hat gesture. The athletes were preparing to start warming up on the field, while caretaker Felipe Andres was reviewing strategy with his assistants.

However, the photo was not well received by members of groups opposing President Andres Rueda. People already dissatisfied with the current management saw the act as symbolic of the lack of internal leadership in the football department.

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Backstage, status sets saints They are aware of the pressure, but they understand that it is nothing abnormal. The team is performing poorly in Brazil, winning just one of their last 14 games and being thrashed by rivals Sao Paulo in Morumbi.

The internal assessment is that Falcao did not make the best decision, as he could watch the Wimbledon final in the locker room at saintsBut this is not enough to cause another crisis for the Villa Belmero club.

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