February 21, 2024

Planet Earth may be running out of internet and the sun is the biggest culprit; understand why

Have you ever imagined being without internet connection indefinitely? Because this could be a future reality, according to NASA researchers who are investigating the effect on communication signals generated by the energy released by the sun. Learn more about NASA’s discovery of the sun’s influence online.

The visible results of human actions

The researchers issued a warning about the risks of network signal loss in the future. To put a topic in context, we explain how the data that supported NASA’s discovery about the Sun’s influence was generated online.

It all started with a mission launched five years ago, in which a spacecraft was sent by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe (PSP). It positioned itself near the surface of the Sun, a location chosen because it is the environment for wind generation, and even with difficulties due to the extreme conditions, it was able to transmit the necessary information.

What is the solar wind all about?

This phenomenon results in the “crown,” the outermost region of the sun’s atmosphere. Hence, it is formed by the continuous flow of particles.

Researchers have been increasingly concerned about this interaction, because access to information in the solar corona region is essential to prevent the loss of valuable photons and electrons.

What do the experts say

The main goal is to understand all the information about the solar wind, since it depends on it to be able to analyze how the solar body releases the energy responsible for geomagnetic storms.

The entire communication system and network can suffer severe consequences from storms, thus causing the loss of satellites and the Internet for a part of the population for some time.

The importance of this information

Although winds do not directly affect the Earth, there are times when they can be harmful. Such as the “supergrain outflows” that occur inside coronal holes, where magnetic fields with high-speed winds are present.

This field changes every 11 years and energy is directed towards the planet. Therefore, the data collected will help prevent storms.