February 25, 2024
Players sing with Corinthians fans ahead of the derby in the Brazilian Women's Championship final

Players sing with Corinthians fans ahead of the derby in the Brazilian Women’s Championship final

The atmosphere of the final of the Brazilian Women’s Championship started early. On Sunday afternoon, the main Corinthians fans went to the hotel where the club’s players are staying to give their last support before the ball is rolled.

During the act, Corinthians players went to a balcony Tryp Tatuab Hotel, in the district of Tatuapé, in the eastern region of São Paulo and they began to sing the main songs with the fans – See the video below.

On their social networks, players recorded the moment through videos and photos on social networks. Vic Albuquerque boosted the moment with the crowd and set the record with the most athletes on the team – see below.

Corinthians sang with the crowd

Corinthians sang with the crowd


The women’s team is looking for its third Brazilian championship next Sunday. Having achieved the best campaign in the first stage, Timão eliminated Avaí/Kindermann, Ferroviária and now battling for the title against Palmeiras, who reached the decision for the first time.

In the first match, at the Allianz Parque stadium, Timao won 1-0, with a goal from Gabi Portillo. Now, the final duel takes place at the Neo Química Arena, on Sundays, at 9 p.m. Confrontation has a transition Band and SportTV.

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