June 25, 2024

Playstation 5 fans will find it difficult to find the device in the market

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For you who are a fan of video games, and since Sony launched Playstation, it has followed the releases and grabbed all the releases, but has not yet bought Playstation 5 because of the price or any other reason, the manufacturer of the game will reduce its production.

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The company’s sources said that the company was aiming to produce 16 million copies by the beginning of the year 2022. It will use those 16 million units to achieve the company’s goal of 14.8 million and also get some units in stock for 2023, but they decided to reduce the amount to 15 million.

Sony’s new console broke the record and became the first to sell 10 million copies with greater agility, but since it reached that mark sales have fallen, leaving the PS5 behind its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

Many factors have made it difficult to find Playstation 5 in stores, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony is struggling to deliver the console in different parts of the world. Another important point is that the company is struggling to find the essential parts for video game production.

The sources said that vaccination in countries where Sony suppliers are also one of the factors that hampered console production, the sources also said that manufacturers and assembly partners are in daily contact to ensure that all appropriate units are delivered.

Other tech hardware companies, such as Nitendo, which also produces game consoles, face the same difficulty, both in the production and distribution of hardware.

Another problem that companies are facing is the financial crisis that has hit the world due to the pandemic. Companies need to sell their consoles to secure their goals, but many consumers are left out of business.

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