June 14, 2024

PlayStation considers itself to be the strongest brand in video games

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PlayStation considers itself to be the strongest brand in video games

What makes a brand strong? Marketing professionals have, in recent years, used the term “momentum” a lot to assess how a company is positioning itself in the market in relation to its competitors. And PlayStation in its range The most recent report was provided by CEO Jim Ryanthis Tuesday (25), is believed to be at the top of the world inside the video game niche.

Assessing “Market Momentum in Category” since the first quarter of fiscal 2018, the company has consistently been ahead of key competitors – identified only as “Brand C” and “Brand C” in the chart below. (Any similarity in colors used to Nintendo and Xbox is not a coincidence).

PlayStation outperforms its competitors

But what the hell is this moment?

According to the Vision Edge Marketing website, three basic points for measuring this statistic: mass, velocity, and direction. That is, how popular the product is, how quickly it adapts to the market, and how well the company’s rhetoric and practice align with the values ​​of the public and society.

According to Sony’s assessment, PlayStation has outperformed its competitors overall – yes, across all periods – since the survey began. Something, of course, is reflected in sales, given that both the PS4 and the latest PS5 are massive hits in the market.

Get out of the cage! PlayStation 5 becomes a “monster” for making profits

The expression is old, but yes, the PlayStation 5 is a beast out of the cage. After two turbulent years with reduced supply that was not enough for the huge demand, manufacturing returned to normal at the end of 2022, and now in 2023, there is no doubt: the device is a money-making machine for Sony. Check out all the details here.

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