June 13, 2024

Police say a “mass overdose” led to the death of the comedian and two others in the United States

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According to the first investigations, the death of 42-year-old Fuquan Johnson could have been caused by a joint overdose of him and two other people, as well as a fourth who was rescued while in hospital.

According to TMZ, another comedian, Kate Quigley, will be among those involved in the incident that occurred last Friday (3) at a home in Los Angeles, United States.

On the night of the comedian’s death, the police were called by the neighbor of the house where Johnson was staying. At the scene, the police found four people apparently in serious condition, and three of them were confirmed dead, while Kate was rescued and taken to the health unit.

First impressions are that the group used cocaine with fentanyl, which would have led the three people into an “overdose” state.

So far, the names of the other two deceased individuals have not been revealed. Police are continuing their investigations, and the three bodies are expected to undergo an autopsy at the Los Angeles medical examiner’s office to determine the cause of death.

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