July 14, 2024

Prevent Google Bard from Storing Your Data and Location – Shiv Telegram Media

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Prevent Google Bard from Storing Your Data and Location – Shiv Telegram Media
Prevent Google Bard from Storing Your Data and Location – Shiv Telegram Media

Title: Google Bard Chatbot Updates Raise Privacy Concerns for Users

Subtitle: New features expand search capabilities while posing privacy risks

Google Bard, the popular chatbot developed by Google, has recently undergone an update that enhances its search functionalities. The chatbot can now search through users’ Google Docs, Gmail messages, and even YouTube videos. While this update provides users with greater convenience, concerns have been raised regarding the privacy implications of using Google Bard.

Users are being advised to take precautions to protect their privacy when engaging with Google Bard. Each conversation with the chatbot is carefully logged and tracked, serving as a resource for training artificial intelligence. The default settings for Google Bard entail storing every interaction for a period of 18 months. Furthermore, location data, IP addresses, and connected addresses are also stored.

To mitigate potential privacy risks, users have the option to disable the auto-saving feature that preserves prompts and delete past interactions altogether. However, this means forfeiting the use of Bard’s extensions for Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs. Although users can manually delete their interactions, it is important to note that the data may not be immediately removed from Google servers.

While some conversations are selected for human review, it is reassuring to know that they are no longer associated with personal accounts and are stored by Google for a maximum of three years. However, it remains crucial for users to consider that conversations with Google Bard are potentially indexed by Google Search and accessible to others.

Demonstrating the broader implications, several examples of accessible Bard interactions through Google Search have emerged. Ranging from job application advice to inquiries about blending protein powder ingredients, these instances shed light on the potential magnitude and variety of accessible information.

As technology continues to advance, it is essential for users to remain vigilant about their privacy. By assessing the risks and taking appropriate measures to protect their information, users can strike a balance between utilizing the convenience of chatbot technology and safeguarding their privacy in an interconnected digital landscape.

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