February 27, 2024
PS5 faces RTX 4090 graphics card in comparison

PS5 faces RTX 4090 graphics card in comparison

NVIDIA recently released a new lineup of 4000-series graphics cards, which pack a lot of processing power. But how will the race between RTX 4090 and a PS5? This question was in mind that the channel ElAnalistaDeBits Produce a comparison video.

For comparison, the channel played some games from PS . Studiosas such God of WarAnd the Horizon Zero DawnAnd the Days gone by And the Spider-Man from Marvel – Home addresses are available on PC.

In all cases, the new NVIDIA card appeared, which was able to handle more FPS and add more origins Visuals and textures compared to a Sony console. Not to mention native 4K resolution and DLSS – a technology capable of upscaling low-resolution images to a higher quality. Watch the video:

Just to give you an idea of ​​the processing power, the graphics card clocked in at over 100fps in all of the games mentioned above, with some going as high as 170fps. Meanwhile, the PS5 manages to manage the console’s average rate of 60 frames per second and 4K dynamic resolution.

It’s worth noting that to get a powerful video card it’s necessary to invest heavily (not to mention the entire computer that came with it): the RTX 4090 sells for $1,599 abroad (about R$8,545.22 excluding taxes and fees). Meanwhile, the PS5 (Blu-ray version) is selling for R$4,499 at retailers here.

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