March 26, 2023

Puppy? Two years later, the family discovers that the pet is an endangered animal that weighs 100 kg

Posted on 8/3/2023 1:37 PM

(Credit: clone/Love.doghero)

That we have seen Arabs keeping lions as pets is good, but an incredible case happened in China. I adopted a Tibetan Mastiff into a family. But what they thought was just a “dog,” after two years of adoption, they discovered was, in fact, a bear.

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the rarest breeds in the world and is hard to find outside of China. Thanks to its abundant fur and gigantic size, it can reach 80 cm in height and weigh 70 kg.

Asian black bear
Asian black bear
(Photo: clone/Guérin Nicolas/fciencias)

The case happened in 2018, in Yunnan Province, but the story recently spread on the Internet. The family who lives in a village bought what they thought was a dog while on vacation in 2016. Over the course of the two years, they observed how the animal had grown, weighing 250 pounds (about 114 kg), and strange ways of living. Like walking on two legs.

The family got scared and took her to the authorities. That’s when it was discovered that the “dog” was actually an Asian black bear, which is listed as endangered.

“The more he grows, the more he looks like a bear,” Su told China’s state television channel. CGTN. A medium-sized bear with sharp claws lives in the forests of Southeast Asia and certain regions of the Himalayas.

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