February 25, 2024
Rafa Kaliman reveals if he auditioned to be a Friday in the series

Rafa Kaliman reveals if he auditioned to be a Friday in the series

Rafa Kaliman has denied rumors that he will be transferred to play Friday Marwa at wet landActress role Alanis Jilin. At the time the 1990 version re-release was announced, she revealed that she had made a trip to the Pantanal by chance, but had not been invited for a character test.

“Guys, we have something to point out. Actually, I’m still studying a lot and preparing for auditions and for future acting (which is a big desire and so demanding), but I’ve never tested for a Friday character, like they posted., I don’t think I even have a ‘Game Fitness’ , as I explained on Twitter, last Saturday (21).

Since leaving Globo’s reality show, Rafa hasn’t worked as an actress, but she has made it clear that this is her big dream. So far, she’s been in front of her own show, Casa Kalimann (Globoplay) – which has received negative reviews – in BBB Bate-papo interviews, and co-stars in the Rensga Hits series, from Globoplay.

“I did a role in Rensga, which was a great start to my learning process – they’re releasing the series soon, so stay tuned! But back to the Friday issue, it’s not real. Alanis is actually shining. I thought it was important to talk to you about it.” ., which deserve real information,” she emphasized.

Rava Kaliman in the Pantanal?

As of June 2021, the website outside She reported that, after a request from her advisor, the influencer canceled a trip to Africa and went to Mato Grosso do Sul to see the work of an environmental NGO.

The strategy was to take advantage of the fact that he was named to play Juma, and to show the developers of the TV series that Rafa was involved in the matter. Through social networks, the model demonstrated the routine in the biome, took boat trips and came across a jaguar.

However, the former BBB was never quoted for feuilleton. She was also hired by Globo to be an actress, but she studied for it. Check out Rafa’s position below: