May 31, 2023
Rafa Kaliman shows up and explains the date of donating R$10,000 to the BBB 22 concert and says it "became an auction"

Rafa Kaliman shows up and explains the date of donating R$10,000 to the BBB 22 concert and says it “became an auction”


In the conversation between the presenters, Anna Clara revealed that she came out as the biggest spender on the event; Paolo Vieira and Dani Calabresa did not participate in the program

Rafa explained the history of the donation
© Play / YouTubeRafa explained the history of the donation

Rafa Kaliman Comment publicly on the gossip spread by Paulo Vieira About the staff party BBB 22. The presenter of “Bbate-Papo BBB” program explained that, The story of her donating R$10,000 to the event will not be true. Two weeks ago, the comedian shared the situation on Twitter and entertained the web.

During the program “BBB A Eliminação – Enimigos do Fim”, in which the reality show hosts, Anna Clara I got asked if she made a donation to the party. Donna Dalva, you touched a very sensitive point. said the former BBB, who ended up giving it higher value than others for being the first.

Rafa Kaliman decided to explain the whole story. “Let’s explain the context, the situation, so you can understand R$10,000, okay? We have someone on the team who is very friendly, very nice, Baraldi, a special kiss for you (laughs). Did he do that? He went to each of us and said, ‘Look A man will give this, you can’t give much less than that.” He became an auctioneer, he set a much higher price, and there are people, like Paolo Vieira, who have fallen in love with him. Then Paulo Vieira said: “No, it’s a big absurdity, 10 thousand Brazilian reais, imagine”, it was the biggest lie, a flaw “He said.

Bruno de Luca asked: “But are you or not?” “No, I did not give 10 thousand Brazilian riyals,” confirmed the runner-up “BBB 20”.. And then, poor Anna, she was the ruler of the company, Rafa continued. “So the one who really spoiled this story was Anna Clara, who gave more and drank less. But I made her worth pay off”Bruno laughed. “Bruno drank my value,” Anna Clara concluded, also in a good mood.